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Providence Mission
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New England Seafarers

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What We Do

An Industrial Mission

NESM welcomes and looks after the needs of working seafarers who pass through the ports and waters of New England. We're a frugal non-profit with good stewardship of the resources entrusted to us for this work.

As a Christian Industrial Mission, we stand in a long line of how the Church of Jesus Christ makes a witness to all people that they are beloved of God. We show through deeds that they have dignity as an individual created in God's image.

Dr. Stanley Livingston went to Africa to address one of the foundational causes for African enslavement. The organist and theologian Albert Schweizer heard many competing voices, but the voice which called him to Christian Service drove him to medical school at an advanced age so that he might be of service. In the days before effective medicines, the Church established hospitals to care for the sick and dying. In the age of effective medicines unavailable to some because of economic and social poverty, Mother Theresa in Calcutta did the same.

Perhaps the first industrial missionary was an educated man who left a position of privilege and comfort to become a blue-collar skilled worker. He traveled from town to town, mending and making tents, and as he worked, he learned about the local culture and used that knowledge to proclaim the Gospel and the coming Kingdom of Heaven. We know him as the Apostle Paul. NESM humbly stands in this tradition.

NESM provides modern men, women, and youth a path through which they may work out their own need to serve and witness. We have clergy volunteers and lay volunteers working at almost every level of the mission. Here, at NESM, you may receive nurture, support, and training in working out your Christian vocation to welcome the stranger in your midst.

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