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Volunteer Opportunities for 2015.

A MISSION mini-makeover DAY   - Shout out for Help

We have a few work projects lined up for Saturday March 28th here at the New England Seafarers Mission.  I’m asking for some willing workers to come join us for a few hours to help rearrange our store and move a couple of drink refrigerators. If you can spare a few hours, we will be here 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. If you could let me know in advance, I’ll know what to plan for. lease fill out the form below and put March 28, 2015 in the date fields. (The month field oddly has white text. Hover over it with your cursor to see letters )

Our Cruise Ship Season runs from April through November.

Please browse through the calendar and find dates that are open for volunteer reservations.

PLEASE NOTE - if there is the name of a Church/Organization next to the ship name, then that date is ALREADY reserved.

  • Please choose a date that has only the name of a ship.

  • We only need one (1) church/group per DAY, even if multiple ships are listed.

  • The Start Time listed is SHIP ARRIVAL time. Your group should plan on arriving between 60 and 90 minutes AFTER ship arrival.

  • Likewise we finish usually 60 - 90 minutes BEFORE End Time.

When you have selected your date(s), fill in the form below and click submit.

If the calender dates are blank, please open in a different browser.

Volunteers make NESM's wide reach and effective stewardship possible.

We are blessed in knowing that ministtry teams come from our partners in the East Coast Conference, but also from other demoninations and from as far as New Mexico, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia,  Pennsylvania, Maryland and Wisconsin.

Don't forget to look at the Fall Dates as well. We are always hard-pressed to fill in the week-days in September and October and this year even November. You can come by yourself, wth a spouse, friend or classmate. Maybe your small group wants to get in on the exciting possibilities this Mission Day has to offer.


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