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Women's Seafarers Friend Society

Women's Seafarers Friend Society Packing Day 

November 14th, 2015 9:00 am at Community Covenant Church, 133 Lake St., Peabody, MA

 Lunch provided. 

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The Women's Seafarers Friend Society consists of individual Church women who have undertaken a ministry of support to seafarers.

WSFS has deep roots in 19th-Century New England, but its branches today reach high and spread wide, including participating members who have moved to warmer climates well beyond the rock and ivy of our native soil.WSFS undertakes activities of Christian Fellowship during the course of the year. The women of WSFS also raise funds for their ministry, and each year they gather for Ditty Bag Packing Day, during which time WSFS and its friends pack over 1,800 bags with warm hats, tee-shirts, other items, and toiletries.

These bags are given as Christmas gifts to be distributed to the seafarers from New York to Portland who are away from home and family during the cold and dangerous months of winter. For those who come from Christian homes, the ditty bags serve as reminders that God's love and Christian Fellowship touch them all over the world.

For those from cultures where Christianity remains a mystery, the ditty bags often provide the chaplains of the maritime missions with an opportunity to tell the story of Jesus' birth and its purpose.

To this end, the Women's Seafarers Friend Society has partnered with New England Seafarers Mission as its chosen affiliation.

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